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‘Queenmaker’ Episode 9 : Recap & Ending Explained | Netflix

‘Queenmaker’ Episode 9: Things are really getting interesting. As we cover the episode-wise recap of the show, here goes the Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explanation. We are covering the Recap of all episodes from the show and You can also check the Episode 8 and Episode 7 recap for a better connection.

Kyung-sook gives a speech while her son fights with his friends. She is called to the police station, but it looks like the mother-son relationship is getting complicated. Baek-Jae’s team already knows about it and posted it online. Hwang-Do came to know from her ex-husband that this is a common political stunt before a media blackout.

Yoon went to the police station and asked the general to transfer the case to his man. So, now the case is being handled by the prosecution. Ji-Yeon thinks that Hyun-Woo (son of Kyung-sook) must be sent to a juvenile center. Ji-Yeon also said that everything is in the pocket of the Ensung Group.

Hwang-Do finally speaks about Ji-Yeon’s pregnancy. Dong-Joo found that Hyun-Woo is innocent and being framed. The chairman wants to resign Kyung-sook, but Joong-Seok is here to help his ex-wife and also Kyung-sook’s son.

Kyung-sook goes to meet her son, and a strong bond is developed between mother and son. This is an emotional turnover for Kyung-sook. She is ready to fight again with Hwang-Do. Yoon knows he is in a victorious situation for Baek-Jae.

On the other side, there is a conflict between Char-ryoung and her mother, Ms. Son. Hwang-Do is manipulating Char-ryoung’s sister because she deserves better. Hwang-Do returns to Gyeong-Min (the one Kyung-sook’s son fought with) and asks him what he did with Hyun-Woo. Gyeong-Min is afraid now because he knows what he did and is ready to stand with Hyun-Woo.

At the end of this episode, Kyung-sook accuses the opposition team and also gives her sympathy for her son. And again, the public accepts it.

Ending: This is how Episode 9 ended. Kyung-sook is ready now, but the game is in a fully tight situation. Let’s find out what happens next. You can also check the Episode 10 and Episode 11 recap of Queenmaker If you Missed anything in the show.



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