An emotional journey in episode 6 made everything so interesting. As we cover the episode-wise recap of the show, here is the episode 7 Recap and Ending Explanation. You can also check the Episode 5 and Episode 6 recap of the show, for a better understanding.

Episode 7 starts when Kyung-sook goes to meet Hwa-Soo, but things are so complicated now that Kyung-sook makes a slogan to show Hwa-Soo which they used when they were together. However, when she realizes that Hwang-Do needs her more, she immediately goes to meet her. Hwang-Do is emotionally broken, and suddenly Kyung-sook appears. They hug each other, which makes their bond stronger. So, Hwa-Soo does everything that Min-Jung said to her, which is why she framed Kyung-sook.

After that night, Kyung-sook meets with Hwa-Soo, but they fail to stop and prevent how much they need each other. Now, Hwang-Do is back, and Kyung-sook’s followers have decreased. That’s why they are going to start a press conference with Kyung-sook and Hwa-Soo together.

Now, the sister of Char-ryoung is starting a new plan to take over the business, but that woman refuses it. Kyung-sook remembers how she used to be and always cheered up her teammates, whereas Hwa-Soo always helped her. Late at night, Kyung-sook calls Hwang-Do, and she shares that she used to smoke always. She actually wants to quit and wants to go back to her old life. She thinks it’s her fault, and she is responsible for Hwa-Soo’s present situation because Hwa-Soo did everything just because of Kyung-sook. Hwang-Do requests her not to give up until the election.

Baek-Jae is giving a speech about being a good husband, and the press conference wants to talk to him. Respect for people is increasing. Sharing emotional stories of his life in front of the public makes Baek-Jae a worthy mayor than others, and gradually he becomes good in front of everybody’s eyes.

Things are getting more complicated because Hwa-Soo was trying to commit suicide, and Hwang-Do thinks this isn’t for Kyung-sook, so she should stop. A warm hug, and they are going to stop this. Kyung-sook is going to resign and thanks all of her colleagues. In a press conference, Kyung-sook delivers her resignation speech, and in this very moment, someone plays the conspiracy discussion of Joong-Seok (ex-husband of Hwang-Do) and Min-Jung. This recording fires up Kyung-sook from inside. This is how she makes a comeback.

Joong-Seok was the person who did this because he wants Kyung-sook to be in the election, and he doesn’t want to work with people like Min-Jung. Min-Jung is also ruled out for this inhumane nature. Now, Baek-Jae is the one and only target of Kyung-sook and Hwang-Do, where Baek-Jae is haunted by his past. Hwang-Do meets with Angela, who was the babysitter of Char-ryoung’s babies. Angela speaks against the family.

Episode 7 ends with the beginning of a clash between Baek-Jae and Kyung Sook. But during his speech, an unknown guy suddenly attacks Baek-Jae. Who was that? Is Baek-Jae all right? Interestingly, it ended up with a mysterious smile of Kyung-sook. Let’s get the answer in the next episode.



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