‘Queenmaker’ Ending, Explained: Netflix’s original South Korean political drama series, “Queenmaker,” is now streaming on Netflix. The series contains 11 episodes, each 1 hour long and available to watch in Hindi, Korean, and English, with subtitles.

The series stars Kim Hee-Ae as Hwang-Do Hee and Moon So-ri as Kyung-sook in the main lead roles. Hwang-Do works as a professional fixer for the Ensung Group of Companies. Here is the recap and ending explanation of the show.

The series starts with Hwang-Do, who is a professional female fixer for a big company in Seoul named the Ensung Group. Hwang-Do clears all bad records, affairs, and scandals of the members of this company. Meanwhile, she meets Kyung-sook, who is a simple ordinary lawyer fighting for women’s rights.

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Things change when Baek-Jae, the son-in-law of the chairperson of the Ensung Group, needs help. He was being blackmailed by his secretary, who was framing him for sexual harassment. Hwang-Do started her work but framed that girl back. However, the girl was begging, and everything was just a plan of Baek-Jae. He forced her and framed her. Hwang-Do didn’t listen to the girl, I-Seul, so she committed suicide.

This makes Hwang-Do undergo a drastic change. Her inner self was totally broken, so she left the company and took on a mission to get revenge against Baek-Jae.

Hwang-Do met Kyung-sook and talked with her about participating in the Seoul Mayor selection. Kyung-sook, a public rights lawyer, first insisted but then agreed to work with Hwang-Do.

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Hwang-Do and Kyung-sook started this political journey, where Hwang-Do helps her and gives her all the information about the opposition team. In between, they both lose something. Hwang-Do loses her father, while Kyung-sook’s son is framed. With teary eyes and lots of circumstances, they both stand up again and fight. They get lots of proof against Baek-Jae and also find out that Ji-Yeon, who was Baek-Jae’s personal assistant, is pregnant. Baek-Jae, after knowing the news of Ji-Yeon’s pregnancy, tries to kill her. Luckily, Hwang-Do saves her, and now Ji-Yeon is ready to support Kyung-sook against Baek-Jae.

This is how Baek-Jae’s career ends, and Kyung-sook wins the mayor selection. This makes Hwang-Do happy because by defeating Baek-Jae, the dead girl I-Seul, who was actually murdered by Baek-Jae, has finally found peace.


The whole series is a Political fight for being Mayor of Seoul. Not, only that, Hwang-Do’s life journey from a big Buisness-Woman to an ordinary Lawyer. An edge-of-seat political drama shows how Hwang-Do uses her fixing abilities to transform a Civic Lawyer to become A New Mayor of Seoul. With some twists and emotional turns, the series gives you the perfect weekend fun.



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