Florida Man Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: “Florida Man” is now available on Netflix in English with English subtitles. In this article, I am going to give you the summary and ending explanation of the final episode of the show, so let’s get started.

The last episode starts with a ship carrying the gold coin that was brought to Florida. However, a storm hits the ship, causing it to sink deeper into the sea along with the coin. Meanwhile, Mike’s father is in jail, claiming that he was falsely accused by one of the policemen, Andy. A heartfelt conversation ensues between Mike and his father, but the police refuse to help.

Ross comes to Mike’s aid and offers his help in finding the coin, but things take a turn for the worse when Mike and Ross get into a fight. In the heat of the moment, Delly kills Ross, and they dispose of his body in an empty truck that they throw into the sinkhole.

Later, we see Mike sitting by Iris’s hospital bed, and he decides to abandon Delly. Three weeks pass, and we learn that Iris has become an FBI officer. She teams up with Ross’s daughter to find Ross’s dead body.

The episode ends with a surprising twist. We find out that everything was planned by Mike’s father. Mike is now at his dad’s bar, thinking about where the whole gold coin is. He finds out something and goes to that place. There is a boat, and as soon as he arrives, he boards it and finds the gold coin. He discovers a treasure trove of gold coins on board. However, as he is leaving the boat, he notices Delly standing on the deck. It is then that he realizes that all the plans were organized by Delly.

The show is a mini-series that concludes with its first season, but there is hope for a second season due to its unexpected ending.

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