Greek Salad Season 01 Episode 3 Summary & Ending Explained: Greek Salad is now available on Amazon Prime in French with English and Hindi subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the series, so let’s get started. The episode starts with a fire in the NGO where Tom helps everyone and saves ‘Shadi.’ Due to the fire, the associates have no home, so they have to shift refugees and associate members to Tom’s building.

Although Tom is worried about the shifting because they cannot stay there for long, Mia doesn’t want to talk about it at the moment. Meanwhile, Kristos tries to get to Mia, but she is furious enough to refuse to patch up with him. The intro rolls. Lily comes to Athens to meet Tom. Lily tells Tom that investors cannot wait for long, and the building sales need to be done fast.

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While everyone in the refugee camp is worried about how long they can stay in the building, Mia promises everyone that she will push back sales as she has the power to do so and lies about it. Tom brings Lily to the building, but everything is so messy and annoying that they don’t get their personal space. So Lily arranges a beautiful hotel room for her and Tom.

Meanwhile, Mia talks with a lawyer in her associate group to discuss if they can somehow cancel the sale of the building. Lily tells Tom that investors have agreed to give them one week to gather the funds. At night, everyone joins a party at the place where Mia works. After that night, Mia meets a guy ‘Noam’ from Guili’s group. Noam is transgender, who was born a girl but has now transitioned into a guy.

He also talks about how he left his place, Burundi, as homosexuality is illegal there, and his parents didn’t like his decision. When Tom orders food, it’s revealed that ‘Reem,’ Shadi’s sister, also works in the same hotel where they are living. Lily and Tom get into a meeting with Josh, who agrees to invest 400k euros in their startup but will take 30% of the company.

Tom rejects the offer as he cannot dilute 30%. Later, the lawyer tells Tom and Lily that the buyers of the building can purchase it in 3 weeks, but they want to check the building first, which means Tom needs to ask all the squatters to leave the place. The lawyer also suggests that if Tom is not able to do it himself, he might help them by pressing the ‘Red Button,’ which Tom refuses. Tom goes to the building to ask everyone to leave the place, and there he finds out about Mia’s plans to cancel the sale. As Tom was thinking about how and where he can move the refugees from the building to another location, ‘Paco,’ a member of the refugee associates, shows Tom different empty and abandoned locations where the refugees can stay.

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Mia finds out about Tom speeding up the sales, so they both get into a fight, and Tom decides that he will ‘Push the Red Button.’ Frustrated from the fight, Mia goes to Noam, and they engage in s3x. Meanwhile, Tom asks the lawyer to help remove the people from the building, while this happens, they’ll travel back to New York. Tom says goodbye to everyone and leaves for the airport. While everyone was playing a soccer match in the building, Kristos, jealous of Mia and Noam’s closeness, pushes Mia to the ground.

At the airport, while checking in, Tom receives pictures of people living in the building, which changes his heart, and he decides to stop the plan of removing people from the building. But his decision leads to his breakup with Lily, and Lily alone goes back to New York. While Mia was cleaning her wound in the washroom, Kristos enters the bathroom. He asks Mia for a patch-up again, but when Mia refuses again, Kristos r@@pes her, and the episode ends there.



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