DAMSEL Ending Explained: Netflix’s original film Damsel is now streaming on Netflix with Multiple audios along with subtitles. I just finished watching and here goes the recap, summary and explanation of the film. The story of the film starts In A Cave where we get to see that an Army is fighting with a demon-like thing, but within a few minutes, the Dragon Demon destroys the army completely.

The story now jumps to some city, where we get introduced to two characters named Floria and Elodie. There we get to see that Elodie gets a marriage proposal from the Prince of Aurea (Henry), a big Kingdom, and they go to meet that Prince on the Ship. The family of Elodie was shocked to see the exotic and beautiful Aurea.

Next morning, Elodie meets with Henry, and they both liked each other, and they very soon develop a decent bond between them. They go on a horse ride without informing anyone, and they very soon develop great chemistry. Elodie, the stepmother, tries to talk with the queen of Aurea, but she is disrespected by the Queen. Elodie’s stepmother advises her not to marry Henry due to the disrespectful behaviour of Henry’s mother.

The next day, Henry and Elodie got married to each other, and Elodie was declared Princess of Aurea. Elodie’s Parents return to their Kingdom. Henry takes Elodie to some strange cave, like Place and there she has to go through some strange rituals and Elodie is Slightly uncomfortable with it. They reach a bridge-like structure, and there Henry and Elodie complete the rituals as per the instructions of the queen. After the rituals, Henry takes Elodie to the Lap and asks her to close her eyes.

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When Elodie closes her eyes, Henry throws her from that bridge-like structure, and Elodie falls deep into the trench-like thing. She immediately realizes that it was a trap and Part of a Plan. Elodie loses her consciousness, and when she wakes up, she sees a huge Dragon there. Dragon appears in front of Elodie, and Dragons says that he is going to kill her as she is Royal blood. Elodie immediately realized that all the rituals were performed to convert her into royal blood. She somehow manages to run away from the Dragon area, and She reaches a spot where she sees it is safe from the Dragon.

Elodie saw lots of names written there, and she realised that she is not the first one to be here. She gets a blue worm-like thing in the cave, and miraculously, those worms heals all the scars and Pains of Elodie. Elodie also found a map to escape in that cave, which was painted on the wall. She was about to reach the final exit point, but then she was attacked by some. She was again in the same position.

In all of these, Elodie heard the Voice of her dad, who was looking for her, and Elodie’s dad was attacked by the same Dragon. Elodie manages to run away from there due to his dad’s efforts, but Elodie’s dad was killed by that Dragon. Elodie hides under rocks, and the Dragon gets angry. The dragon starts throwing fire all over the city, and the queen immediately realizes that the Dragon is angry because Elodie manages to escape from there. The queen orders her army to arrest Floria and throw her from the bridge in place of Elodie.

Elodie’s mother informs Her that the Queen has taken Floria, and Elodie also jumps from the bridge to save Floria. After a tough battle between Elodie and Dragon, Dragon got injured badly, and Elodie healed the Pain with the help of those Blue Worms. Elodie also tells the Dragon that she is not the Royal Blood. The story now Jumps to Aurea where we get to see another marriage happening between Henry and some other girl.

Elodie reached there and warned everyone to leave if they wanted to save themselves. Everyone leaves except the Queen, Henry, and a few Army men. All of a sudden, a Dragon appears from above and spits fire on them. They all died on the Spot. Elodie takes the wealth of the City for her city, and she moves towards her hometown with that dragon, and the film ends here.

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