Pyramid Game Episode 2: Viu presents a teenage thriller Korean drama called ‘Pyramid Game’. The story revolves around a class of teenage students, who they all addicted to an online game and they keep bullying students with low votes. The newly transferred student tries to make the game stop forever with the help of a few low-class students in the rest of the plot.

The second episode opens with a little backstory of Baek Ha Rin, she is from a wealthy background, she is best at everything, and she is a very calm person in front of everyone. She showed kindness and care in front of the crowds, but inside she is different. She is the cruellest student in their class. She started the game to bully every low-class student. In the present, Sung Soo Ji is being extremely bullied by the group A students.

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They put weird worms inside her mouth for fun, she spitted everything out. Then they took the worms and tried to put them inside her uniform. Suddenly, Baek Ha Rin enters the class, Sung Soo Ji is sitting on the floor, and Baek Ha Rin asks her about their health.

Sung Soo Ji already found out that Baek Ha Rin is the mastermind behind all the violence and bullying happening on the class. Baek Ha Rin used to smoke and torture Myung Ja Eun with the burning cigarette. Sung Soo Ji smelled cigarette smoke near Myung Ja Eun before, and right now she confirmed that, it’s Baek Ha Rin who had done all of that.

Sung Soo Ji didn’t express anything on her face, she acted like she didn’t know about the mastermind behind the pyramid game. She thanked Baek Ha Rin in front of everyone and acted like normal. During the teacher’s meeting, a few teachers discussed their concerns about the students and the possibilities of bullying inside the school compound. The headmaster is selfish and cares about upper-class students only, she said whatever upper-class students do to other students, it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Myung Ja Eun took leave from the school for some days. She got tired of the attack by her classmates. Sung Soo Ji tried her best to bring her back to the school. Their classroom teacher were worried about her condition. Sung Soo Ji once got tortured by everyone from the higher groups.

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She got tired of continuous attack from them. Later, Sung Soo Ji found out that Baek Ha Rin is the daughter of the chairman of the school. No one dares to speak against her at any place. Each day, Sung Soo Ji passed through so many struggles at school. One day, everyone tortured her on ground and the classroom teachers witnessed it. She went to the medical room along with a male teacher.

There she opened up about the bullying done by her classmates. Shockingly, the male teacher is a pervert and he tried to rape her inside the medical room. Myung Ja Eun suddenly came in to the room and destroyed the teacher’s phone. She took Sung Soo Ji to the terrace and had a conversation with her. Sung Soo Ji and Myung Ja Eun finally came up with a plan to get out of the f group.

The next day, new Thursday arrived and the voting day too. Sung Soo Ji thought Myung Ja Eun wouldn’t appear to vote on that day. But surprisingly she came in to vote, the whole class seemed shocked. The voting completed and everyone looked at Sung Soo Ji shockingly. By looking at the vote count, Sung Soo Ji got four extra votes from unknown classmates.

Overall the second episode started slowly but ended with a thrilling note. The negative shades of the characters are portrayed very intensely. The show got more interesting from the second episode’s ending. Let’s see how it goes on the next episodes.

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