Poker Face Episode 4 Recap & Summary: Poker Face, the new Peacock Drama created by Rian Johnson starring Natasha Lyonne has just debuted on the streaming service. It is a “case of the week” mystery comedy-drama and consists of 10 Episodes out of which 4 have aired in the first week.

If you’re interested in what happened in the fourth episode, here’s the recap of it.

Poker Face Episode 4

After Charlie goes away from Texas in Episode 3, she starts to work on daily hire labor to earn money and that’s when she gets hired by Ruby Ruin who was once a very famous singer who sang “Staplehead”, a cult classic Metal song but now she works in warehouse inventory very much seeking that old glory back and every year she along with her band go on tour and try to get that old glory back.

Ruby has been looking for a drummer and found Gavin, an easygoing guy who is a bit too much and is very passionate about music and also worships Ruby and her work. Charlie is hired as a Merch Girl for their tour and Charlie is happy to get some work.

While on the tour, since Gavin is a bit too much and is always watching Benson, he’s perceived as a bit odd by the other band members. Anywhere the band goes, they are forced to sing their trademark song Staplehead which the group doesn’t want to do because that song is a curse to them.

It was written by their drummer and to this date, all the royalties go to him and not a single penny to them. During one of the performances, Gavin ends up taking one of Ruby’s screams and Ruby punches him for it on stage.

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Afterward, Charlie had been spending some time with Gavin and knows how can be but he’s passionate about what he does and she talks to Ruby to go easy on Gavin. Ruby ends up inviting Gavin to their room to hang out where he also sings a song, he wrote which turns out to be an eye-opener for the group as they feel like it’s the hit they were waiting for.

The group is afraid that the same thing will happen if they went ahead with Gavin as the writer of the song so the group comes up with a plan to kill him during the performance. Since Gavin basically doesn’t wear any shoes so the group decides to kill him by electrocution and that plan goes successfully.

However, Charlie is there and she catches one of the lies by Ruby and then her whole investigation starts where initially she wasn’t looking for anything but then she hears the group’s new song and later, finds clues in Gavin’s trash that basically makes up their song so she puts two and two together and the footage of Gavin playing during that performance pretty much confirms it that the group killed Gavin as all of them were wearing high rubber boots to isolate them from getting electrocuted.

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Charlie confronts the group but nothing happens as the group goes on to perform the song at a big event while Charlie is busy trying to flee from Cliff who comes there after a video of Charlie goes viral. Charlie is able to flee from there and the group gets a record deal from a music company.

But before they could sign, someone plays a YouTube video in which it is mentioned that the theme of their new song “Sucker Punch” is actually copied from Benson, the show that Gavin always used to watch. That song is actually infringing on someone’s copyright and moreover, there’s a podcast about them killing one of the band members for fame.



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