Lockwood & Co Episode 1: The much-awaited Netflix original series Lockwood & Co. was released today on Netflix, There are 8 episodes in the show and all are around 40-50 Minutes long, episode 1 is around 49 minutes long, and here goes the review, Recap, and ending of episode 1 of the show.

The web series revolves around a Ghost Haunting agency Lockwood & Co., The agency is Headed by Anthony Lockwood Played by Cameron Champman, Apart from Anthony, there are two more members in the Agency named Lucy Played by Ruby Stokes, and Geroge Played by Hadji, Hee Goes The Episode 1 Recap.

Episode 1 of the show starts with the Backstory of Lucy Carlyle, Lucy has the natural Powers to listen to hidden sounds, but her mother hates her, and to use her she sends Lucy to a Ghost Haunting agency Just for money, the agency is Headed by a Man named Jacob.

In the first task of haunting and eliminating the ghost, Lucy excels and slowly she learned everything, Lucy found a new friend named Norrie White, everything was going as Planned and they both were looking to shift to London and start there on Investigation Agency, But one bad incident changes everything.

Lucy and her friends were on the task in the Building with Jacob, and there Lucy feels something is not right and they need more powers, She also informed Jacob, but Jacob ignores her, All of a sudden as super-powerful Ghost comes appears in the building and Kills all the friends of Lucy after the Incident Norrie goes into the deep shock.

The court concluded that Jacob his Agency in Not guilty in the case, Lucy left the Agency the same night and she moves to London, she was rejected by every agency as she don’t have any degree or the Parent Signature to work in Ghost Agency, Finally, after doing lots of research, she gets to know about the agency named ‘Lockwood & Co.’, The agency was headed by Anthony Lockwood, and There she was selected.

Lockwood & Lucy goes for their task in a haunted house, Lucy again finds out that there is something in the house and there are two spirits in the house, Lucy was attacked by the Ghost and then Lockwood saves her. Lockwood concluded that the Ghost was moving towards the Chimney of the house and thus there is a chance that the Body of the Ghost is there, upon digging up the Chimney, they found the body, and to eliminate the ghost, Lucy takes out the ring which was in the finger of the decomposed body of Ghost, In all between these things, Lucy throws a small bomb towards the Ghost to save herself and due to this the house caught fire.

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Lucy and Lockwood Jump out of the House from Balcony and Episode 1 Ends Here.



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