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Poker Face Episode 2: Recap & Summary Explained

Poker Face Episode 2: Poker Face, the new Peacock Drama created by Rian Johnson starring Natasha Lyonne has just debuted on the streaming service. It is a “case of the week” mystery comedy-drama and consists of 10 Episodes out of which 4 have aired in the first week.

If you’re interested in what happened in the second Episode, here’s the recap of it.

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After her fiasco at the Frost Casino, Charlie is on the run, and Cliff, the head of security at Frost Casino is after her. She reaches ABQ (Albuquerque) in New Mexico after her car breaks down and the repairs are going to happen the next morning because apparently, for the car mechanic, it’s Top Chef Night.

Charlie has been leaking from the bullet wound and goes to a public restroom to clean herself up where she finds Marge, a trucker who is on the road. Marge helps her after Charlie faints in the restroom and takes Charlie into her truck.

The two of them go to have dinner in the local diner where Marge leaves for a moment and then the next thing Charlie knows in the morning is that Marge has been arrested by the Police for the murder of a guy who worked at the subway.

Now, the subway guy is Damian who was an Ex-Marine Corps and has been working at the Subway after moving to ABQ. He is close to Sara who works at the nearby shop and brings her a sandwich every night and takes a scratch off but he’s never won anything.

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Then, there’s Jed who works at the nearby auto garage he is obsessed with Sara and constantly looks at her with his binoculars sitting on the roof of the garage. He comes over that night when Damian and Sara are talking and he invites Sara to look at the meteor shower but ends up also inviting Damian too.

Damian is worried about Sara and asks him if he’s bothering her. Damian goes to the roof to talk with Jed and they have a heart to heart but then Damian finds out that he won the lottery for $25,000 and that sends Jed into shock that he pushes Damian off the roof and while he gets down, Damian slashes Jed’s back of the leg with the knife he brought with him followed by Jed bludgeoning him to death.

The Ending

Jed then takes his body and puts Damian’s body inside a nearby truck that he thought was a bit sketchy and then takes off. That truck turns out to be Marge’s, the woman who helped Charlie.

Charlie when finds out what happened, and the evidence doesn’t sit well with her. Charlie had used her credit card to get the payment for the car repairs and she was aware after 4 hours, Cliff would be there looking for her so she sets the timer and starts to make sense of what had happened.

Finally, with the help of the serial numbers on the lottery scratchers, she finds out that the lottery ticket that Jed is flaunting was actually Damian’s and he had killed him. She confronts him about it and he accepts that but then threatens to call the cops on her after he gets to know about her and the murders she’s involved in which happened in Episode 1.

But before she left, she comes to know one final hint that could solve the case as she didn’t have any solid proof against Jed. Finally, she remembers that the truckers have dashcams and one of the truckers had it parked right on route 66 where the murder had happened.

After finding out who that trucker was and getting his dashcam footage, she leaves ABQ after Cliff comes there and asks Sara about her. Sara misleads Cliff by telling him that she went to LA.



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