Poker Face Episode 3 Recap & Summary: Poker Face, the new Peacock Drama created by Rian Johnson starring Natasha Lyonne has just debuted on the streaming service. It is a “case of the week” mystery comedy-drama and consists of 10 Episodes out of which 4 have aired in the first week.

If you’re interested in what happened in the third episode, here’s the recap of it.

Poker Face Episode 3: The Stall Recap & Summary

After moving from Albuquerque, Charlie reaches Texas, and right at the gas station, she meets a dog who straight up jumps inside the car funny enough, it turns out to be a MAGA Dog which doesn’t stop barking and only stops when there’s a conspiracy theory podcast is going on. She stops at a restaurant where the dog ends up eating $300 worth of beef for which Charlie is asked to pay.

As she doesn’t have any money, the owner Taffy’s brother George asks Charlie to work at the restaurant for the night and if she likes it, she can stay. As George starts to show Charlie around, getting her familiar with what they do there, and introducing to the basic ingredients they use and the different types of wood.

Charlie comes to know that even though George is married to Mandy who also works at the restaurant, he lives on the farm in his trailer while his wife lives in the city. Charlie felt that he might be lonely at night so she recommends some movies to him and one of them turns out to be Okja well, that changes his whole perspective about animal brutality, and the next day, it changes him and he decides to go vegan.

George, the next day talks to his brother Taffy and tells him about his decision and nothing can make him budge from that. Taffy has a very big deal coming soon and doesn’t want to mess that up so he tries to convince his brother again but that doesn’t do anything. Moreover, he is asking for a half share of the business and that doesn’t sit well with Taffy.

Taffy, that night comes up with a plan along with Mandy to kill George by sneaking during the nighttime podcast to his trailer and then filling up his trailer with smoke from the barbecue. But after doing that, as he sneaked out of his podcast by playing a pre-recorded tune, he comes across the MAGA Dog he keeps barking at him and Taffy hits him with one of the wooden logs kept there. He takes the dog and throws him on the side of the road.

The next day when George’s trailer is found and his ceremony held, Charlie leaves after that but finds that MAGA Dog on the side of the road and takes him to the vet. She is informed that he was beaten with a wooden log and that’s where things start to get interesting. Charlie remembers that the wood seems familiar so she goes around the farm tasting different wood and finds an exact match near George’s trailer.

She tries to talk to Taffy and Mandy but she gets threatened by Taffy to leave the place. However, she does come back and goes to Taffy’s radio station where she finds a podcast host who turns out to be the host for some of her favorite listens. She asks him for a recording of the previous night’s show and listens to it and finds a lot of questionable things. The next morning, she goes to Taffy and confronts him about it and keeps stalling him until the cops come because right before she came there, she had the radio host mimic the voice of Taffy and call Mandy.

Now, Mandy knew that she was an accomplice in the murder so she went to the cops and informed them about it. The cops arrest Taffy as Charlie stalls him until the cops come but right after the cops are taking Taffy, the radio host plays the voice of Mandy confessing about the plan on tape and the cops arrest Mandy as well.



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