Pauline Reade Real Image, Mother, Parents: The latest UK Prime documentary shows us the story of the most horrific murders committed in the early ’90s by an evil couple, Ian and his girlfriend Myra. They killed five innocent victims and subjected them to physical and sexual torture. One such victim was Pauline, and we are going to talk about her here.

Pauline was a 16-year-old innocent girl who was returning from her dance class. On the way, Myra told her that they would search for her lost glove together, which she had lost on her way back home. Pauline sat in their car, and they drove to the outskirts of Manchester. Ian arrived there on a bike, and he slit her throat twice. The police recovered her body in 1987 when they were provided with the location.

However, Myra claimed that she was in the car while Ian was killing Pauline, but Ian stated that his girlfriend also participated in the sexual assault of the victim. This has not been confirmed by the court as the case is still ongoing, but both of the main criminals are now deceased.



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