Myra Hindley was born in 1942 in Crumpsall. Her father was an alcoholic and used to beat her and her mother. After her sister was born, the situation became worse, so Myra was sent to live with her grandmother when she was just 5 years old.

In court, she described how when she was 8, her father threatened to beat her unless she drew blood from a boy’s face. So she punched him several times until he was knocked down. She considered this her first victory. She got her first job as a clerk and was loved by most of her co-workers.

According to Myra’s diary, she first saw Ian in 1961. In December of the same year, Ian asked her for a date. She knew about his criminal records, but she had no problem with that. After dating him for a few months, she even colored her hair blonde because she learned that Ian was influenced by the German ruler. After spending more time with him, she became less shy.

When She was and her Ian were found guilty of their crimes, they were both sentenced to life imprisonment. Myra tried very hard to get out of prison and appealed many times before the judge. She died when she was 60 years old in 2022, spending a total of 36 years in prison.



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