Our Blooming Youth Episode 1, 2: The latest romance mystery Korean drama our blooming youth’s first episode is streaming now on TVING and tvN for international fans it will be available on Viki worldwide, Our blooming youth is a historic drama in this article I am going to give you recap, and review of the latest Korean series.

The story starts with a man gone for hunting gets hit by an arrow and drops his bow, but it was a dream and the man wakes very frightened, A man calls him from outside and we came to know that the man who awakes by his dream is the crown prince(Lee Hwan) and the man calling form outside is his servant. The servant helps the prince by wearing his dress.

Through this, we came to know that the prince can’t use his one hand because he gets hit by a poisoned arrow but people believe that his hand was cursed by the ghost and gets rotten and he also killed his brother to take his position.

Jo Won-bo suggested the king allow the crown prince to lead the royal hunt so that it proves that he is unable to use his one hand and gets removed from his post for being disabled. His niece is one of the king’s mistresses who wants to make her son Prince Myungan the next crown prince.

The king asks his chief Kim An-jik about this suggestion and he also says that it is a good idea to prove that the prince is healthy all the court members also agree to this decision and the king is left with no choice.

We see that the crown prince is in a very bad mood today due for some reason and king visited him and tell him the order of the court, and he says to him that he will follow the court’s order and lead the royal hunt as it is the only way to keep the position but the king was worried for him.

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At different places women ordering to her servant, it seems like they are preparing for some celebration but the woman looks worried about her guest, Back at the palace where the prince and state minister’s son Han Sung-on is talking about his upcoming marriage, and the prince teases him about the girl they met in childhood, but he assured him that his wife-to-be is also charming and intelligent.

When they are talking a servant came running and asked Han Sung to return home he asked what is wrong and he tells that the family of her fiancée Min Jae-yi has been killed he asked about Min Jae-yi servant tells that she is fine and the only suspect of that murder but her lover tells that she herself poisoned her family.

But the government officials were unable to arrest Min Jae-yi and they are finding her the prince sends his servant to her village and asks Han Sung to return home.

On returning home his family is embarrassed that their son is going marry a murderer on the other hand Min Jae was escaping from the soldiers she was able to fight with two of them but got caught she begged the soldiers to let her go but they were ordered to catch her she falls of the cliff and land in a lake.

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Back at the palace where the crown prince is unable to sleep and he founds a letter on the table in the letter he was accused to kill his brother and also written that he will be unable to use his both hand and legs and will lead a lonely life at it gets old, he calls his servant and asked him that who entered the room but he said that no one entered the room lately.

The next morning the servant informed the king that the army he has sent before Min Jae-Yi was unable to catch her and we also see that Han Sung was not believing that she can murder her family and sends his man to find her before the army gets to her, meanwhile the government was unable to find the body of Min Jae and we can see that she is able to survive the fall and able to heal her wound while hiding in a cave.

When her wound gets healed she goes back to the capital to find the answers as she believes that the crown prince and the murderers are linked and the prince also sends her a mysterious letter along with the wedding gift.

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In the capital, she meets with her ex-servant Ga-ram, who also helped her to escape and believes that she is innocent she came to meet Ga-ram to set her free and say goodbye she also meets with Kim Myung-Jin the chief minister’s youngest son but he is unable to recognize her. As the crown prince gets ready for the royal hunt Min Jae also disguise herself as a member of his troop and joins the royal hunt.

In the ending the king while remembering the words in the letter that he found in his table and his hand started shaking he hears a sound and draws his arrow and turns behind there he found Han Sung standing pointing an arrow towards him as he remembers the letter saying that his friends will betray him.

Now the review of the first episode is a treat to watch as it is set perfectly and the acting done by the actors is great and for the fans of k-drama they will love this show there is a lot to watch in the upcoming episodes but this episode is entertaining as we will know what is written in that mysterious letter and will Min Jae finds the truth and will able to avenge his family’s murder.



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