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At Midnight Summary & Ending Explained

At Midnight Summary & Ending Explained: The latest Romantic Comedy movie ‘At Midnight’ is now streaming on Paramount+ and directed by Jonah Feingold the cast includes stars like (Monica Barbaro) and (Diago Boneta) and the movie is rated R for some languages.

In this article, I am going to give you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s dive into it.

The movie follows the story of a very famous actress Sophie (Monica Barbaro) who is shooting his very popular superhero trilogy “super society” with her co-actor Adam (Anders Holm) who also is her boyfriend, but Adam does not respect their relationship and one day Sophie catch him cheating on her by sleeping with a makeup artist he wants to end this relationship but was not allowed to do so by her manager due to press and the shoot of their film Super Society 3.

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The last schedule of the movie is in Mexico where Sophie meets the hotel manager Alejandro (Diago Boneta) who is assigned to Sophie as a personal manager for her needs. Alejandro wants to move to New York to peruse higher education and open his own hotel. He almost walks into Sophie’s room when she was bathing because he wants to make sure that the bathroom is filled with towels.

Later in the night, he catches Sophie going to the kitchen quietly to get some food and Alejandro makes a sandwich for her because he likes to take care of the people after his father leaves their family alone, and Sophie also loves the sandwich given by him, then she asks him where they can go dancing and after that, they started meeting in midnight daily after Alejandro shifts get over, despite the risk of getting caught because his boss does not like the employees to get mingle with the guest.

Later Sophie goes to Alejandro’s family party where everyone is speaking in Spanish and she is unable to understand them, they are having a good time with his mother and his sister also teases Sophie about him and Sophie also tells her best friend that she is in love with Alejandro.

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But at that party, Alejandro’s father shows up and started telling his son how can an actress take care of him they are used to a particular lifestyle he tells his father that she is just a tourist who came to visit them.

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After a fight they both break up with each other and Alejandro also tries to apologize to her by sneaking onto the sets dressed as Sophie’s co-star but he is not able to make it. She said to him that when they first met there is something special between them that is no longer now.

Sophie leaves there but she is not able to find her dream job in New York Alejandro also gets fired from the job due to hooking up with a guest (Sophie), and he opens up his own hotel.

Months after realizing that she missed Alejandro so much she goes back to his house and he also gets surprised by seeing her after so long then he tells her that he has opened his own place.

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Sophie asked her to recreate that night moment when he makes the sandwich for her and asks him what is on the late-night menu she walks out to his outdoor kitchen and asked him I am standing here hungry so what is in the late-night menu she only wants to accept the mistake she made earlier by leaving him.

By the end of the movie, he says that he hated cooking because cooking takes longer time than eating then they kissed each other and finally at last Sophie tells him that she “Loves Her Too”.

If you are a fan of early rom-com you can consider this movie overall movie is good the direction is perfect and the supporting cast plays the important role in setting up the main lead the movie is available to stream on Paramount+ in the English language only.



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