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You Season 4 Episode 1: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

You Season 4 Episode 1: YOU Season 4 has been released on Netflix after a year-long wait. It has been too long since we got to see our beloved Romantic Serial Killer Joe, well now Jonathan in Season 4. Season 4 has been divided into two parts Netflix released the first one of 5 Episodes on 9th February and will be releasing the second one in March.

Now, if you’re interested in what happened in the first episode, you’re at the right place.

Recap & Summary

Joe has been living in London after he followed Marianne to Paris in hopes he will find her in the most romantic city in the world and well, he does find her but she runs away from him to a building where Joe is able to find her (OBVIOUSLY) but she after she makes him realize that he’s a murderer, he lets her leave trying to prove that he isn’t the person she thinks he is. Joe was approached by someone who worked for Love’s father and has been on his tail to kill him but he makes an offer to leave him alone with a new identity in exchange of the fund that was solely in the name of Love.

Joe agrees to do that and well, now he’s Jonathan. But there’s a teeny-tiny thing that Joe needs to do. Since Marianne now knows that Joe is alive, he needs to kill her to balance it out but he doesn’t. He lets her go after stealing her necklace at the train station.

Now, Joe has been living as Jonathan in London and working as a Professor of Literature who teaches Gen Z now. He is constantly pestered by another professor there named Malcolm who is a rich snob and also lives in an apartment in front of Joe’s accommodation. Joe seems to be interested in what’s happening in Malcolm’s life and keeps looking there. Seems like Malcolm lives with a girl there who is a workaholic.

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As Joe tries to keep away from their personal life, he can’t stop himself from digging into their lives on social media. The other night, as he was going somewhere, he finds that woman Malcolm lives with getting mugged and he helps her. In the aftermath of the mugging, he asks the woman to not mention him to the Police to avoid since he is laying low which throws her off, and then he leaves. Malcolm arrives later to thank Joe in person and then takes him to this overly exclusive club in Soho with Kate, Malcolm’s girlfriend.

Ending Explained

Joe has a terrible time there with just one exception he met a novelist there whose memoir he had just read and loved. It was Rhys Montrose and he had a little conversation with him while Joe was sitting in a corner miserably and he liked that. After spending some little time in the club, as Joe started to move he was made to drink something and he got to know after he drank it that it was Absinthe and then he was flooded with questions.

With another shot of Absinthe later in the party, Joe isn’t able to move and is taken home by Malcolm and in the morning, Joe finds Malcolm’s body in his hall on a table.

As Joe tries to make sense of what had happened, he believes that he has killed him and goes to a factory nearby to cut the body and then dump the body parts in different places and he does that. As Malcolm’s disappearance starts to worry Kate, she asks him in the morning when the two meet at the University. Kate also invites him to a dinner where he’s being summoned by someone else and she also makes it clear that she does not like him and he is suspicious.

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However, when Joe arrives at the dinner, he gets a text in an anonymized app which he doesn’t know how to get onto his phone. The sender of the message makes it known that he/she is the actual killer of Malcolm and how Joe covered it all is very impressive. At the end of the Episode, Joe is at the dinner table where everyone is a suspect in his mind and what he wants to do is deduce it who is it.



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