The Bait Korean Drama: The latest crime, thriller Korean show Bait stars Jang Geun Suk and Koo Do Han who comes back to the Korean film industry after serving 5-year mandatory military service, and the show is directed by Kim Hong Seon.

In this article, I am going to give you the recap/summary of the first episode of the show so without wasting any time let’s get into it.

The story begins in 2010 when there was a speech going on which is given by NOH SANG-CHUN (Heo Sung-Tae) who is the chairman of a very big company, he quickly won over the audience with his speech and everyone chants his name.

However people came to know that he is making fools of them and his company is a total fraud who has taken money from the investors, then the news reports that SANG-CHUN has died while escaping from Chinese authorities, all his investors come under debt, and case also gets dismissed by the police.

Now back to the present (2023) where detective GU DO-HAN (Jang Geun-suk) is getting suspension from the force due to he has given false information in a report by seeing his law skills, we came to know that he is an ex-lawyer and he uses his skills to defend him and his teammate and they only get a temporary suspension.

Later that night a man was taken by a hooded man and was forced to call the police on the emergency number the hooded held a paper for him that read “Please save me. Noh Sang-chun is trying to kill me”.

When Do-Han is called back from the suspension where they go to the crime scene, he noticed there that the body’s fingernails have blood on them and the criminal tortured him for some information, he knows that the criminal intentionally set up the crime scene so that they know this information about them,

While leaving Do-Han noticed that a man was taking photos secretly from the crowd, they checked his camera and found the photo of the body which was taken before the arrival of the police, which is enough for them to arrest him.

Back at the police station where the photographer LEE BYUNG-JOON is being interrogated, he tells the police that he went to meet the victim SONG YOUNG-JIN where he found him dead, feels like a little fishy but he also tells the police that SONG YOUNG-JIN was a very old business partner with Sang-chun.

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Back to 2011 where we can see Sang-chun preparing to run away from the country, with his secretary JUNG SO-RAM (Oh Yeon-ah), and the victim, YOUNG-JIN was also in that car, when Sang-Chun finds out that he sold him out but he said that it was all the fake news that he has heard but after getting beaten up by Sang-chun he throws him out of the car.
Back to the present where we can see a woman claims herself to defense attorney CHEON NA-YEON (Lee Elijah), but Do-Han knows that she is telling lie to them but he allowed her entry to know her intentions.

But he doesn’t know that she and the photographer are part of the same group which includes the member of the scam victims of Sang-Chun, Na-Yeon was very young to be a victim but a flashback shows us a man sets himself on fire after hearing the news which may be Na-Yeon father.

Do-Han came to know that the man’s camera flash is on even the daylight so he releases that the man caught him intentionally arrest by the police and he also came to know that police force chief KANG JONG-HOON (Lee Sung-wook) was the chief detective during the Sang-chun case.

And after he receives a call he allows Sang-Chun to escape by his car in front of his eyes back then this information is given by that photographer to Do-Han now he wants to know more about that case and the chief.

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And in the end there was another murder in the town which means that a murderer is on the loose and a whole gang can be behind these murders this is not a simple murder and these victims are only baits of an even bigger plan so what is that plan we will see in the upcoming episode.

The series’ first episode is good in terms of screenplay and acting by the characters and if you are a fan of Korean dramas specially crime-thrillers you can add this series to your Wishlist.



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