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Shrinking Episode 4: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

Shrinking Episode 4: APPLETV+’s New Original Series titled “Shrinking” has returned with the third Episode. Starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford in the titular roles, the sit-com tells us the story of Dr. Jimmy Laird who lost his wife a year ago and is currently grieving, and how his attitude towards life right now begins him to breach ethical barriers and come up with different ways to help his patients.

Created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel, if you’ve also taken a liking to this show and are interested in what happens in the fourth episode, here’s the recap for you.

Recap & Summary

After Jimmy finds out that one of his patients has been lying to him about being away on Canada whereas she’s back in the US with her toxic boyfriend, its not going well for Jimmy at work as well when the next day, Paul treats him rudely because of Jimmy’s inability to separate work from his personal life and he ends up inviting Sean, one of his patients to crash at his house and Paul finds out about this.

He hasn’t been able to get comfortable with Sean talking to him about his time in Afghanistan and one of the other patients tried to kiss him during the session so things have not been going well for him. He lashes out at Liz, the neighbor who accidentally ended up telling Paul about Sean living at Jimmy’s.

RecapShrinking Episode 3: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

Paul, on the other hand, is being visited by his daughter for a few hours while she’s in town. She and Paul drifted away when Paul got divorced when she was young and her mother moved to the East Coast and it was hard to keep in touch. However, his daughter does not know that Paul has Parkinson’s, and Brian, his estate lawyer asks him to tell her and get the paperwork done on his house.

However, with the little time they had, even after saying yes to Brian that he will tell her, Paul isn’t able to. We see a side of Paul that isn’t trying to keep the people away at arm’s length but he asks his daughter to allow him some more time to be with her and the kids her daughter does not fully agree but it seemed like she was.

Jimmy isn’t able to make any progress with Sean and on a bad day he tries to force Sean into telling him while he’s jumping on the trampoline but that doesn’t get him anywhere but a figurative kickback from Sean. Jimmy is also shocked to find out that his daughter Alice lost her virginity to Liz’s kid Connor who is now in college and tries super hard to be a cool dad but he just cannot and ends up talking to Connor.

As we near the end of the Episode, Jimmy is having drinks with Liz and Gaby who tell him about Sean and Alice that they have this energy and Alice is a teenager and has all that crazy hormones jumping inside them. Jimmy finds himself getting uncomfortable and leaves there to talk to Sean and crashes there.

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At midnight, Alice comes there and knocks on the door for Sean but finds him sleeping and not aware that her father is also sleeping beside the couch but is covered, she says that Sean is beautiful and leaves. Jimmy hears that and wakes up shocked and well, that’s where the Episode ends.

It’ll be fun to see how Jimmy reacts to this and how the story moves. Episode 4 is streaming on AppleTV+.



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