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Nikki Kuhnhausen Law Explained | Hulu

So you landed here because you Just finished the Hulu original Doc Series How I Catch My Killer and the First episode of the series is the story of Nikki Kuhnhausen, For all those who don’t know, Nikki was a 17 Yrs old Trans who was murdered by one of her social media friends.

A man named David Bogdanov was found guilty of Murdering Nikki and after the case, a new law was Passed in the state and that law was named after Nikki, The law is titled ‘Nikki Kuhnhausen Law’.

The law was passed by the State after lots of Protests and Public events, a task force named Justice for Nikki Task Force was also formed which later helps a lot in the Nikki case and brought general Public attention to the case, The Justice was served into 2019.

As per the Nikki Kuhnhausen Law -” A Person can’t attack anyone, another Person Based on Sudden Identity reveal of the other Person”. During the trials, David Bogdanov said that he mas that Nikki hides the fact that she was transgender and then this law came into the effect.



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