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David Bogdanov | Nikki Kuhnhausen Case | Update – Where he Is Now?

Hulu’s newly released show, ‘How I catch My Killer’ episode 1 is about the Murder of a 17 Years Old Transgender Social Media Influencer Nikki Kuhnhausen, The man behind the Killing of Nikki is David Bogdanov, here we are going to tell you about where he is now and what’s the latest update on Him.

David Bogdanov belongs to a Very well to do family, he was a Snapchat friend of Nikki, He Killed Nikki in 2019 and was Charged with her Murder too, He was given 19 Years of Prison in Jail and his Punishment may be reduced to 17 Years for his Good behavior, Right now he is in Jail serving the 19 Years Imprisonment.

During the trials, David revealed that he Killed Nikki in Self Defence, he was angry over Nikki for hiding her identity and he tried to Push her out of the Car, But she tries to attack him and in self-defense he killed her.

To give justice for further more victims from LGBTQ, Nikki Law was also Passed in 2021.



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