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Nikki Kuhnhausen Instagram, Real Picture, Story & More | Hulu

Nikki Kuhnhausen Instagram: The first episode of the Hulu original show named ‘How I Caught My Killer’ is titled ‘Social Media? Yeah, It Was Her Thing’, The episode tells us the story of Nikki Kuhnhausen, Nikki was 17-Year-old transgender, She was loving, caring, and charming as described by her friends, Here we are going to tell you about the real story, her Instagram handles and some more details about the episode 1.

On 5th June 2019, She last talked with her Mom and she goes Missing, after contact and texts from the last 5 days, her mother filed Police Complain on 19th June 2019, and the Police starts an investigation.

After 6 Months of Non-Stop investigation, Her remains were discovered at Larch Mountain, She was murdered by David Bogdanov.

Now coming to her Instagram Handle, After her death, he Instagram, Tik Tok and other social media accounts were deleted by her family members, we tried to do lots of research and we found nothing and there is no official social media handle of Nikki Kuhnhausen available in Public domain right now.

We will also talk about the Killer  ‘David Bogdanov’ in different Posts, What do you think about this new Hulu show? are you watching this show?, Please let us know in the comments.



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