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Trial By Fire Real Story? | Netflix | Uphaar Cinema | Reel Vs Real?

Trial By Fire Real True Story: Think you’re sitting in the cinema hall enjoying the movie, hooting at your favorite star’s entry and eating the 200 Rupees Samosa of Cinema hall, then suddenly a fire broke out in the theatre. You will never think of it in your whole life until hearing about the Uphaar Cinema case. Uphaar Cinema Case is one of the tragic cases in India.

Netflix’s Trial By Fire is based on The Tragic Incident of Uphaar Cinema. I’m going to tell you the real story behind Trial By Fire.

On 13 June 1997, Shekhar Krishnamoorthy and Neelam Krishnamoorthy’s Two Children went to watch the ‘Border’ film at Uphaar Cinema; they didn’t think about it as the last time when they’re seeing their children. A fire broke out in the parking lot at Uphaar Cinema, and the gas gushed into the auditorium through a door and air conditioning ducts. Due to the gas, 59 People Died from asphyxiation.

After the investigation, we got to know that The two Transformers of Uphaar Cinema Caught fire in the morning at 11:00 AM and Delhi Vidyut Board repaired that, but they didn’t repair it well, so it caught fire again around 4:00 PM causes the gas and death of 59 People.

Aside from this Delhi Fire Department also found that Uphaar Cinema also did not follow the Fire Rule, They didn’t have any Emergency Lights, No Announcement System, No Fire extinguishers, No Periodic Maintenance of Transformers, and much more.

The newly released 7 Episodic show, Trial By Fire is based on the same story, Hope you got everything Clear, what do you think about the show?, Please let us know in the comments.




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