‘My Policeman’ Ending, Explained: “My Policeman”, a period romantic drama film based on the 2012 novel by Bethan Roberts has been released which tells the story of three people, Tom Burgess (Harry Styles), Marion Taylor (Emma Corrin) & Patrick Hazelwood (David Dawson) and tells a beautiful story of an intertwined relationship which was sad, not allowed at the time.

It also looks at the norms that keep changing in this ever-changing world and what once was wrong is now right but for the people that are victims of the wrong, how do they feel when that is right in the current time? Not only that, it allows the audience to see this on a deeper level with respect to each character.

It tells the story of Tom Burgess who marries a schoolteacher Marion Taylor but is in a secret relationship with a museum curator Patrick Hazelwood. The narrative of the film keeps changing and we’re introduced by two timelines, one in the 1950s and one in the current time.

The film begins with a scene where Marion invites Patrick, who is not old into her home with Tom and the film moves between timelines to get us involved in what happened in their lives.

Since homosexuality was punishable by the law in the 1950s, Tom and Patrick kept their relationship a secret and Tom even married Marion as a cover for that Marion later realizes that when after their marriage, she realizes that Tom isn’t the same man she had loved and married, he was cruel and unkind sometimes and there was always discomforting inside him.

The film moves by telling us about the court trial and where Patrick is tried after the authorities receive complaints of indecent behavior where even after Marion’s testimonials, Patrick is sent to prison for 2 years where he’s tortured by the inmates.

In the current timeline, we get to know towards the end that it was Marion who tipped the authorities about Patrick because of her jealousy towards Patrick and Tom’s relationship for which she asks forgiveness in the end.

The ending is quite interesting because Marion found it early in the marriage that she was not going to have a happy life with Tom but she still kept going to a point where both she and Tom know that they’re not right for each other but have agreed on co-existing together and doing their thing. Tom is afraid of getting left and ending up alone so in the end, Marion who has had enough brings Patrick to live with Tom while she leaves Tom.



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