Enola Holmes 3 Preview: Enola Holmes has been released on the streaming giant and it has been a long time waiting for the amount of wait, it did not disappoint. It had complex character arcs and both Enola and Sherlock had their own character development.

They both learned meaningful lessons along the way while we got to see some great mystery and one of the most terrifying antagonists of the Sherlock novels, Moriarty. But the End-Credits were a bit surprising for us since we get to meet the sidekick of Sherlock, the beloved & infamous Dr. John Watson.

If you loved the second part, you’re here to eagerly know the status on the third one, and well, here’s what we know

The first two Enola Holmes movies were based on the Enola Holmes book series by Nancy Springer and the introduction of Dr. John Watson in the end credits make for a strong case that there is going to be a third party.

One reason is why would Netflix miss this!! Another is, the third book in the series is titled “The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets” and involves a case where Dr. Watson plays an important role. So, the creators have snuck a hint in the end credits by introducing Dr. Watson to tease the third part but there is no official news from Netflix. Well, the film has been released for a couple of days now and Netflix needs to analyze the response to the film and then they’ll make the decision.

For now, if we decide upon what we know, the film is getting a good response on Netflix and by the teased end credits, there’s a strong possibility of us getting a third film.

The tentative time for that movie would be at the end of 2024 since the second one also took the same time and Henry Cavil and Millie Bobby Brown are busy and in-demand actors in Hollywood right now so we should expect a sequel by the end of 2024.



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