My Policeman Movie Shooting & Filming Locations: My Policeman is an American romantic drama film that is based on a novel of the same name written by Bethan Roberts. The story is set in the 1950s in Britain, where we see a policeman named Tom who falls in love with a school teacher after seeing her on the Brighton coast.

But the story changes when he realizes that he has the same sex with a museum curator, which is illegal at that time to be homosexual.

My Policeman filming started with the beginning of photography in April 2021 and starts with the main scene, which is entirely filmed in England and Italy and shoots some of the best scenes in Brighton and Hove, London, and Worthing, England.

For the filming of the wedding scene, it was entirely set in The Regency Town House in Brunswick Square in Hove, which also involved the actors who played their roles in the game and recorded the scene, which was shot at Palace Pier on Madeira Drive in Brighton.

After that, they also shot some scene sequences in and around London, the capital and largest city of the UK, and then they shot the final shots in Venice, a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of Veneto.

They wrapped the production shooting in June 2021, but some scenes were not perfect, so they reshoot some locations, and then the shooting wrapped in December 2021.



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