Enola Holmes 2 End-Credits Scene Explained: Enola Holmes has been released on the streaming giant and it has been a long time waiting and for the amount of wait, it did not disappoint. It had complex character arcs and both Enola and Sherlock had their own character development.

They both learned meaningful lessons along the way while we got to see some great mystery and one of the most terrifying antagonists of the Sherlock novels, Moriarty. But the End-Credits were a bit surprising for us. So, if you’re also curious about that, let’s talk about that, shall we?

Sherlock, throughout the film, underestimates Enola and her capabilities continuously advising her to leave this and go back to a life of comfort but in the end, he realizes her prowess as a detective and offers her a partnership. Well, this partnership was not just for business purposes, it was at a deeper level a companionship as told by her mother that Sherlock has grown up to be an amazing detective but a very lonely man.

He thought maybe partnering with Enola might rid him of that but Enola has her own people who she feels safe with and is not lonely like Sherlock is but she refuses the offer for other reasons.

She understands that when Sherlock offered up the partnership, he also offered the lodgings at Baker Street which means that Sherlock is also looking for a flat-mate in their next meeting, we see Enola sending him Doctor John Watson which is so exciting because everything Sherlock is solving any crimes or just running about from authorities, there’s not a mention where Watson’s name is not on it so it’s very exciting that he has arrived into the life of Sherlock meaning we’re going to see more of him in the upcoming movies.

The first two parts of the movie were based on the books written by Nancy Springer and the third book has an important role for Watson so we’re definitely going to be seeing more of Watson if Netflix announces a sequel after the performance of the film.



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