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Causeway Ending Explained: Why Did Lynsey Want To Return To Military? Do They Remain Friends ?

Causeway Ending Explained: If you count the number of films that talk about the deep psychological issues the army has on its rangers, you’d lose the count, and for good enough reason.

The army, gives so much but also takes a lot too and when a person is discharged for any reason, the rehabilitation they go through after returning, it’s a struggle to get back to reality and adjust to what they have and that is a tough battle for any army ranger. The AppleTV+ Original Film Causeway talks focus on that.

The directorial debut of Lila Neugebauer and starring Jennifer Lawrence along with Brian Tyree Jones, the film tells the story of Lynsey, who is discharged after a brain injury in the army while building a dam and meets James, a person who is fighting his own internal battles and how they meet and find the base in each other. How they navigate through their lives and fight their internal battles is how the film progresses.

Lynsey has been sent to her hometown because of her fatal brain injury forcing her to live with her mother in New Orleans. What we see is Lynsey’s struggle to fit into the very town that she feels suffocated in and going to the army was an escape from that very town. She meets James who helps her truck get fixed and is very charmed by his empathy and presence.

They find hit it off and start spending time with each other Lynsey gets to know James more when she knows that James was in a car accident which resulted in him losing a leg and the accident also took the life of his nephew which resulted in his sister moving to another city and he still lives in that house where he used to live with his sister and nephew.

The revelation in Lynsey’s life comes when she messes up the soothing relationship with James by trying to kiss him and both of them get in an argument which allows Lynsey to look deeper into the issues and how going back to the army is still the same excuse to escape the town she did when she was younger and how going back is just going to be running away from the problems again.

She realizes that and chooses to fight her battles by deciding against rejoining the army and goes back to meet James and finds him asking him about the offer James had asked her to move in with him.

The film ends on that note and we see two people who are the victims to their past and running away but in the end, they decide to be with each other trying to fight their internal battles together and support each other by living together.

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