My Landlord Wants Me Dead Review – Landlord From Hell: The latest Crime Thriller film “MY LANDLORD WANTS ME DEAD” is now streaming on the Lifetime platform, the movie is directed by Farah White, and the star cast includes Emily Roslyn Villarreal, Roy Abramsohn, and other stars.

The runtime of the movie is 1.3 hours written by Richard Dane Scott and the producer of the movie is Robert Ballo, And the movie is rated PG-13, In this article, I am going to review this movie and give you a little summary so let’s dive into it.

The movie is about a girl Madeline who failed to get into college and also loses her job, seeks her aunt “Grace” for help she rents a ranch with her with a cute and charming neighbor but a series of strange and terrifying events begin to occur will Madeline able to save her aunt or her life is also in danger to know this you can stream this movie on “Lifetime”.

Madeline who fails to pass college and also loses her job seeks her aunt for help they rented a ranch, with a cute neighbor but after that thing starts to change as many strange events started like dark red blood and water coming from the shower to occur Madeline take the responsibly of investing the case and to save her aunt but she doesn’t know that her life is in danger too, who is doing these things and will they survive from this, there is a plot twist at the end which can be surprising for some audience.

As Lifetime promises to give a Crime Thriller Drama but at some point, it feels like they are not able to justify this Genre, the story of the movie is good and at some point, it feels like a true crime thriller as it was the first movie of Emily Roslyn Villarreal as a lead cast for Lifetime but she is not able to justify her role, as her performance feels average however other supporting cast like aunt Grace (Roy Abramsohn) carries the average acting of the lead.

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The writing done by Richard Dane is brilliant and the movie keeps you hooked with its twists and turns the end is the best part of the movie, As for True Crime Thriller fans, this movie can be disappointing but you can consider it for one time watch as it is not that bad.

Rating: 6/10



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