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Curious Caterer Grilling Season Review

Curious Caterer Grilling Season Review: This movie is released on 5th February 2023, It’s a murder mystery revolving around the character who will solve that mystery, not the character who died, I just finished the film and here goes the detailed review.

It’s the story of Goldy who is a caterer and one day a friend of hers Susie was murdered at her home and now goldy needs to solve the mystery behind that murder or else she can’t do her business because since she catered at her birthday party and later on she died people think that goldy has something to do with that.

It’s a murder mystery but not that typical one but the one which trend is now going on. Movies like knives out or murder mystery did that before. What they do is balance the humor and murder mystery perfectly. That’s the same case with Grilling Season: A Curious Caterer Mystery Director Paul Ziller is able to do that he perfectly balanced the amount of humor in this movie.

Apart from Direction what stood out to me is the acting of Nikki Deloach as Goldy. She perfectly did the character of goldy at the start of the movie when the character was introduced to us and the relation between them is building the character of Goldy looked excited about knowing all the information and the mystery. And, the character of Andrew W. Walker as Tom. He played the character of a detective who kind of like Goldy and that is why in the movie whenever she interfered with the investigation, he never got angry or yelled at her.

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The acting is very good but at some point, you feel that the character are unreal. For how the character of Goldy is very nice to literally everyone and the character of Tom like how many times in the movie Goldy interfered with the investigation and the way Tom let her in the police station and lets her meet suspects and talk to them. I mean at some point the characters become unreal.

The first half of the movie feels like you are watching something new and which really is enjoyable. But in the second half, the movie becomes senseless nothing is just happening it felt like the writer had no other choice or they choose the simple way. For example in that scene when Goldy went into the cloth shop where Fran used to work she just out of nowhere found that file.

In the second half, things become predictable and it felt like they just want to finish the movie.

I would recommend this movie if you haven’t watched the mixture of murder mystery and comedy before. And there is also the reference to Better Call Saul.

Rating: 3/5



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