My Landlord Wants Me Dead Shooting Locations: The latest crime thriller mystery movie is now available to stream on Lifetime in this article I am going to tell you about the shooting location of the movie.

For those who don’t know the film is about a girl name Madeline who failed to join her college and also loses her job, now goes to her aunt for help, they rented a ranch to live where there is also a charming neighbor but as soon as they started living there a series of strange events started to occur will Madeline be able to find the reason behind this events and save her aunt despite not knowing that her life is in danger too.

At first, the movie is titled “Neighbour From Hell” but later due to some circumstances the title changed to “My Landlord Wants Me Dead”. The shooting of the movie is done entirely in California and the shooting takes place between March to April 2022.

As the movie is entirely shot in California, especially in Los Angles which is the largest city in California the ranch used to shoot the main part of the film is Silver Strand Ranch located in south California as the city is very famous among tourists and travelers and also known as the financial capital.

There are many places for tourist attractions also like the very famous “Hollywood sign” and many other places this place is also famous among filmmakers as used to shoot various movies, used to shoot movies like “Die Hard”, “The Patient” and many more.



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