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Vacation Home Nightmare Movie Ending Explained

Vacation Home Nightmare Ending Explained: “Vacation Home Nightmare” is a thriller drama movie directed by Lindsay Hartley, and the cast includes Aubrey Reynolds, Justin Berti, Felisha Cooper, and other stars.

Jacob Horn is the co-producer of the movie and the movie is available to stream on the “Lifetime” platform, the length of the movie is approx. 1hr 27min, In this article, I am going to give you a summary and end of this movie so let’s dive straight into it.

The story revolves around three friends Hannah who is an attorney, Aleesha the one friend with very much energy and excitement, and Danielle who is looking for a fresh start after her husband was found cheating on her. The three friends decided to go on vacation and rent a house near the beach to “celebrate” the divorce of their friend Danielle.

When the three girls go to the beach there Danielle meets with a cute guy James then both head back to that house for some private time, but they do not know that they have been watched by a guy name Anton who after murdering Laura Winters owns that property and being watching them by cameras and recording device planted by him, and his only motivation to murder Danielle is that she is divorcing her husband.

Then James and Danielle decide to meet again on a “non-date” but he gets murdered by a hooded man who is following him to his house. After waiting for James for a long time the next day when Danielle came back to the house she also gets attacked by that man who tries to kill her but she by biting her hand manages to run away from there.

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The police think that Jack is their primary suspect, and Anton also comes to them as the owner and head of security of the property to help them clean the mess with his assistant but he was there to clear the evidence he has left after the murder of his wife. His assistant finds out that the property is originally owned by Laura Winters and he tells Danielle to find him, Danielle also sees Anton manipulating some evidence and he informs the decorator about that.

In the end, Anton was also able to kill Danielle’s ex-husband and framed the murderer as it was suicide by her husband he also kidnapped Danielle’s friend and called him to call the place where they stayed for the holiday and when she came she tell her the reason that why she targeted her as she was celebrating her divorce with her friends which make him jealous so he wanted to kill her there after struggling from Anton Danielle managed to kill him by hitting the stone on his head and after that, she and her friend lived happily and peacefully.



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