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Son Of A Critch Season 2 Episode 6: Recap, Explained

Son Of A Critch Season 2 Episode 6: CBC’s Son Of A Critch is back again with the third Episode this Season after returning for the second Season this year. Episode 5 showed us, Mark, creating his family tree and in hopes of finding out about his maternal grandmother, he ends up discovering the truth about his mother’s past.

Episode 6 showed us more towards that side as well, well, mothers but let’s get straight into it If you’re interested in what happened in Episode 6.

Recap & Summary

Mark has been glued to the TV one night when her mother comes with a Math test that he had hidden because it wasn’t worth showing. Mark has been dreading going on a hypnosis show that he’d been watching and that hypnotist Hudaro has come to Newfoundland and Mark has been going crazy about it. His mother makes him promise to do well and get a higher score in the test this Friday.

However, at school Mark is surprised by a surprise act from Hudaro who performs there and Mark is super excited. Turns out, they got a free ticket if they brought a paying adult to the show and Mary takes him to the show where Mark is so excited to be part of the show and he starts to fake it when Hudaro hypnotizes him to the point that he didn’t want to leave the stage and keeps going with whatever Hudaro throws at him.

When that show ends, Hudaro is impressed by Mark’s talent for showbiz and offers him to be his protégé in the next show and Mark agrees.

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On the other hand, Pop has been going pant-less in the house because he had put on weight and he’s trying to lose it until he can fit back inside those pants. Mark goes to school where its school picture day but at the same time its also Ash Wednesday so all the students have to keep the ash while getting their picture taken there’s also something worse coming their way when Fox comes there with a make-up her mother did and it looked way too much for a school picture.

The Ending

However, Fox does make the most out of it and smiles in the picture as well. Fox had been pretty down and not enthusiastic about her school pictures because her mother never used to buy her school pictures. However, after Fox tells her that she didn’t want to do this much make-up and the two have a heart-to-heart, her mother tells her that she never smiles in any of the pictures and that’s why she didn’t buy any.

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Mark, on the other hand, got his picture taken as a performing artist and when he goes to the motel where Hudaro was residing, he was given his Coat to wash Mark realized that he was being taken advantage of until Mary jumps in and stops Mark from going anywhere but study for the test this paper.

The Episode ends with Mark realizing that mothers are true believers in what you are and if we could believe in ourselves as much as our loved ones do, then it would really be magic.



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