Lee Joohee In Solo Leveling: Solo Leveling, the much-anticipated anime adventure fantasy magical Japanese anime series, was released just a few hours ago. But the Twitter timeline is full of so many tweets regarding Solo Leveling. After seeing so much hype, we are here to tell fans more about this newly streamed anime show.

There are so many characters in the new anime show Solo Leveling. We’re going to cover all the details of Lee Joohee, like height, voiceover, and more details.

Lee Joohee enters the show after the entry of Sung Jinwoo. Both of them meet at the workplace where all hunters work together. Jinwoo was an E Rank Hunter; on the other side, Joohee was a B Rank Hunter. Jinwoo got stuck many times, but it was Joohee who saved him many times because she is a healer. During many fights with beasts, Joohee healed him.

When Joohee appeared in the show for the first time, she was wearing a simple brown fur coat. Joohee is a very friendly type of hunter. She’s cute and adorable. She still hasn’t been able to recover herself from the trauma of the Double Dungeon. She’s very close to Sung because she cares about Sung a lot. When they were going inside the cave, Joohee got angry at him because, after getting stuck in so many difficulties, he still agreed to go deep inside the cave.

The height of Joohee is 5’10. The Hindi dub of Joohee is done by dubbing artist Shiny Prakash. The voiceover was done by Dani Chambers.

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The Japanese voiceover was done by Haruna Mikawa. She’s greatly known for her work like “When Will Ayumu Make His Move?” where she played the role of Rin Kagawa. She’s also known for playing Pikachu in Pokemon Evolutions. She’s supremely talented.

  • Name: Lee Joohee
  • Age: 21-22
  • Height – Around 5’10
  • Rank – B Grade
  • Skills –  Healing Power
  • Weapons – n/a

Are you following this show? what’s your take on Joohee, Do you think Jooee and Sung will fall in love in upcoming episodes? Please let us know in the comments.



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