Death And Other Details Episode 2: Hulu presents an American mystery crime thriller, a ten-episode series created by Mike Weiss and Heidi Cole McAdams. The series revolves around a murder happening in a wealthy family and its investigation.

After years, another murder happens on a cruise ship Varuna, sailing in the Mediterranean, with people closely related to Lawrence Collier, a powerful and rich businessman, for his retirement send-off. The last episode ended with a twist that Keith Trubitsky was Rufus’s assistant. People were gathered for Rufus’s interrogation.

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The episode starts with a flashback that occurred six months before this murder. We can see Keith Trubitsky in a different look, coming to Rufus’s room. Rufus looks lazy and uninterested in anything. Keith Trubitsky shows him a card about Lawrence Collier’s retirement gathering on a cruise ship. Trubitsky requests Rufus to get back into the investigation, mentioning Collier bringing in investors.

When investors open up to Collier’s company, they can get information about their connection with Viktor Sams, who was involved in Imogene’s mother’s death. Cut to the present, Rufus clears up confusion about Trubitsky and tells about Viktor, who works as a smoke screen, an alias for an international syndicate that profits by corporate blackmail. Imogene’s mother was a secretary, and when Viktor’s targets won’t pay, he sends a message, says Rufus.

As Rufus and Imogene chat, more truths are getting revealed. Rufus doubts Collier’s involvement in this death and wants Imogene’s access to her family in this. Rufus says Trubitsky was dearest to him. Rufus says Trubitsky had a journal with him all the time, so a clue about his death will also be there in that journal, which is missing at the murder scene. Rufus and Imogene come up with a plan to trick others into falling into their trap. Rufus starts interrogating each person. He is trying to get an opportunity to interview Lawrence Collier via his general counselor, but he fails.

While the interrogation with each person is going on, we can see flashbacks of Imogene with her mother. Imogene tries to meet Lawrence, but he now has Jules as his bodyguard. Jules stops Imogene from entering Lawrence’s room, also saying to Imogene that he is aware of her trespassing in the security room with his pin access. Now, their trust issues make her walk away without getting access to meet Lawrence. Interrogation continues, and more truths are getting revealed from each person. They all lie about something when they talk. Most of them had a past with Trubitsky when they were on the cruise. While dining, Trubitsky took a photo of Anna’s wife, Leila, but Leila made a scene and made him delete it.

While interrogating, Leila doesn’t say anything much; she maintains her silence most times, as if she is afraid of something. As truths are revealed, we get to know that the governor and Tripp were in the room doing drugs before the murder. The call to reception was made by the governor from Tripp’s room. Rufus starts interrogating the staff, and they say Tripp has anger issues and mention they saw Tripp shouting that he will kill Trubitsky.

Coming to the episode ending, Cruise’s owner, Sunil, tells Rufus and Imogene about a new Interpol agent who will arrive soon on the ship for this investigation. Also, he tells about the incident that happened with Trubitsky before; when he came back to the room, he saw Trubitsky trying to open his door and looked suspicious, but he got away.

Rufus tells Imogene that, in order to finish this billion-dollar deal, someone got rid of Trubitsky. In the end, the Chuns decline the deal and say they are leaving the ship. We can see Mathers tied up by someone. Cut to the next scene, and we can see the new Interpol Agent Hilde Erikson giving her intro to Sunil.



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