“My Demon” is a Netflix Original Korean romantic drama series currently streaming on Netflix with 10 episodes. We have already posted an update on Episode 11; do check it out on our site. Due to the crazy demand from fans, we’re going to explain the characters of “My Demon.” “My Demon” is available in Korean language only with English subtitles. Do check out episode recaps on our site as well.

Now, we’re going to tell you about the character of Joo Seak Hoon.

Joo Seak Hoon is played by Korean actor Lee Sang Yi. Seak Hoon is the closest friend of Doo Hee and the nephew of Cheon Sook (the stepmother of Doo Hee and the chairwoman).

Seak Hoon has always loved Doo Hee so much, but whenever he sees Jeong with her, he gets jealous. When the mysterious guy tried to attack her, Jeong saved her, and at the same time, Seak Hoon also reached her apartment. After that, both Seak Hoon and Jeong proposed to her for marriage, but Doo Hee said yes to Jeong Du Won only because she likes him so much. To know more about Jeong, check out his character explanation.

Seak Hoon didn’t like Jeong from the start. He always finds ways to show Doo Hee that Jeong isn’t compatible for her. Seak Hoon also tried to arrange some pictures from the ’90s and took those pictures to show to Doo Hee, trying to make her believe that Jeong is a demon. However, Doo Hee already knew that. Now, Seak Hoon is planning something with the dance artist of Jeong who works at his theatre. We will come to know more in upcoming episodes.

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Seak Hoon still loves Doo Hee so much, even after her marriage.



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