Mr Noh In ‘Flex X Cop’ : Disney presents detective action crime thriller Korean drama with sixteen episodes. . The story is about a wealthy young man who got appointed as a crime investigation detective due to an unexpected incident, how he survives as a cop and makes his father proud is the core plot of the show. The drama is a package of action, fun and crime investigation.

Noh Young Jae aka Mr.Noh is a famous painter. He’s one of the top painters in south korea. He already has insane market demand for his paintings around the world. Every art has a value, but Mr.Noh’s artworks sells faster than anyone. Mr. Noh’s character is portrayed by well-known veteran actor Lee Hwang Eui.

He is known for his exceptional performance in the Netflix movies Fabulous, Run on and Reborn Rich. He got murdered in the show by his wife and Junior. Mr Noh had a disappointing personal life, but career wise he went to heights. He got divorced unofficially for a long time and also his wife met other men at the time. Mr.Noh had many assistants supporting him in his work.

He had a dark side of acting like a victim. During his early days, he stole many artworks from his assistants. He destroyed one of the girl assistant’s life, he stole her lifetime work and appealed a case against her. Due to his wealth and popularity, he escapes the plagiarism case done by the girl. Instead, he put another case on her and made her life miserable. The girl suicide after the failure on her case.

Mr.Noh did the exact same thing with his assistant Dojun. He took credit for all the paintings of Dojun. Rather than supporting his young assistant, he talked with other representatives that, Dojun submitted fake portfolios everywhere and he didn’t have real knowledge about art. Mr. Noh got stabbed by his assistant Dojun at the exhibition gallery, but he didn’t die. Later his wife came to the gallery took the knife and stabbed him again, ending up killing him. His personal and career life ended up at the art gallery.

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That’s all about the character of Mr.Noh. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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