Park Joon Young In ‘Flex X Cop’: Disney presents an action crime thriller investigation Korean drama with sixteen episodes. The story is about a new detective who’s also a wealthy young man who got appointed due to an unexpected incident. The rest of the story tells about how he survived the rest of his life as a cop rather than a usual wealthy man.

Park Joon Young played an important role in the ‘Flex x Cop’ Korean drama series. He is an honest cop working at the Gangha police department. He is working as a detective on a crime investigation unit under the leadership of Lee Kang Hyun. He is loyal and honest in his duty, he never takes bribe. Park Joon Young’s character is portrayed by emerging young South Korean actor Kang Sang Joon.

He is known for his roles in popular dramas like Marry My Husband, Doctor Slump and true to Love. He did excellent work as a cop. Park Joon Young solved the serial murder case of elder victims. He found out that the motive for killing elderly people was money. Culprits killed the victim for stealing the seal of Korea, and Joon Young found out culprits through surveillance footage.

Park Joon Young is a caring person, who will do anything for his team members. He is very supportive of Lee Kang Hyun. He hates wealthy people who go beyond the rules for corruption. He thought Jin Yi Soo is some kind of rich freak who was playing the cop role in the game. Park Joon Young is well committed to his duties, unlike Isoo. He solved many cases intelligently without getting much help from others. He and Isoo competed many times to make sure Isoo can’t be a good cop.

Joon Young’s instinct and determination made the case-solving process better. Isoo is sometimes jealous of Joon Young’s intelligent work. Joon Young somehow showed a little crush on Lee Kang Hyun, but he never told her yet. Isoo made many luxury changeovers at the police station, but Joon Young completely opposed those things.

That’s all about the character of Park Joon Young. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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