Monsieur Spade Episode 1: AMC presents a six-episode detective series with the story of fictional legendary detective Samuel Spade, who became famous through Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 novel “The Maltese Falcon,” and who comes to Bozouls for the promise he made to a woman he knows. The show, created by Scott Frank and Tom Fontana, features Samuel played by Clive Owen.

The show starts with Sam driving a car with a girl in his back seat to a house in Bozouls, France. Samuel knocks on the door and asks for Philippe Saint-Andre from an old lady. She takes the run to fire Samuel as he says Philippe’s name. He explains to the old lady that he came to deliver Philippe’s daughter, Teresa, to the address given by Philippe’s late wife, Brigid O’Shaughnessy. The old lady swears on her son’s wife and closes the door.

Samuel goes to the nearby police station inquiring about Philippe, but Patrice, the chief of police, behaves rudely to Sam. Sam tells the police that he has a good friendship with Brigid. The police try to exaggerate the relationship more, but Sam tells them that he put Brigid in jail back then. Then he arranged to get her out of prison as she got sick in jail, so she was grateful to Sam. After she got paroled, she lived another four years. He tells them he promised her that he would deliver her daughter to Philippe.

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He leaves the station without any answers to where Philippe is. In a stranded place, he saw a man noticing them. As the climate changes to raining, they start to leave the village, but a tree falls on their way, and their journey gets stuck in the middle as the car gets damaged. They sleep in the car, and in the morning, they see a lady pass by in a car, and they ask for a lift outside the village.

Years pass, and eight years later, the show portrays Samuel in his late wife Larvarone’s graveyard. He goes to the clinic and gets to know that he has emphysema. The doctor tells him he will only live less unless he stops smoking. Samuel goes to the orphanage where Teresa lives now.

Teresa is lonely there, not active like other kids. Sam talks to the mother regarding Teresa and Philippe. Philippe’s mother started caring about her granddaughter recently. Sam tells that it’s a plan by Philippe to get the money from Teresa when she becomes a major. As she gets closer to 18, they show love towards her to steal the money.

Monsieur Spade
Monsieur Spade

Samuel lives in his late wife Larvarone’s home. He still misses her a lot, showing some flashbacks of them deciding to live together as she needs help from Sam, and Sam needs help from her too. Back then, she used to get blackmailed by Philippe. Now, Sam is in good bond with the police Patrice he met when he came first. Samuel had an affair with Marguerita Devereux, who is Jean Pierre’s wife. But the relationship between Jean and Sam is not good, and he tries to provoke Sam. Samuel gets a threatening call from Philippe, threatening Sam to stop messing with him and Teresa’s matter.

By the end of the episode, Teresa comes running to Sam’s house with blood on her clothes. She looks terrified at what happened. She asks for a safe place to stay. She said she came running all the way from the orphanage. He takes her into the house. She explains what happened at the orphanage to Sam. She says Philippe came to the orphanage with a gunshot wound.

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He hugged her, and that’s how he got blood on her dress. Sam calms her and knocks on the caretaker’s room. As the old lady comes, he tells her to look after Teresa till he comes back. He calls to a phone, but no one takes the call and then leaves home with his car.

When he came to the orphanage, nobody was there. It looked very horrifying there. He checks the halls and rooms to look for other kids and nuns. As he goes underground, he sees a door locked. He checks for anyone inside and hears the girls screaming from inside. He calms them and promises he will save them. Inside the room, there are girls with their frightened looks screaming for help. Sam moves towards the prayer hall and sees nuns sitting.

As he moves towards them, we can see them from behind in a sitting position. As he moves towards them closer, we can see those nuns with blood spread all over their bodies. Killed brutally and placed in a sitting position. All looked terrible the way they got killed.

We can see the next episode promo showing the police procedures and introduction of many characters. We can expect a change of plot in the upcoming episode. We can expect some truths about what happened here in episode 2.

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