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Missy Lutz Amityville: Real Image, Story | Where Is She Now? Dead Or Alive

Missy Lutz Amityville: Missy Lutz, also known as Melissa Lutz, was the youngest member of the Amityville House. If you’re here, it means you have just finished watching the MGM original docu-series and the old story from 1975 has been refreshed in your mind. The first person who felt the paranormal activity was Missy Lutz. Many of you were asking about her, so we are going to tell you everything available in the public domain.

Missy was born in 1970 and was the sibling of Daniel and Christopher. She was around 5 years old when the family moved into the house. Missy was the first to feel the evil presence in the house, and according to her mother, she used to talk to a chair in her room. Missy also claimed that she had a friend there named Jodie, who was a pig-like animal sitting on the chair.

Missy tries to be away from the limelight for a long time. She died in 2018 at Stanford Hospital at the age of 61.

Missy has told the media in various instances that the Amityville House was not as terrifying as portrayed in the movies and shows. There may be a reason why she chose to stay away from films and shows.

OBITS 110718 Missy Lutz online

We are doing our best to give you an update about her, and we will let you know soon. Stay tuned with us and follow us for more movies and shows.




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