MGM’s original newly released docu-series is based on the Amityville Haunted House. The house has been the talk of the town for a long time, and now that the new show has been released, the house is in the news again. Many of you must be wondering what has happened to the house now and who is living there.

In this post, we are going to tell you about the current situation, location, and name of the current owner of the house. But before jumping to the answers, let’s have a quick recap of the show. The show revolves around a house named Amityville, located at 112 Ocean Avenue. The house has a long history and came into the news when a young fan shot four of his family members in the house. The house again received attention in 1975 when the Lutz family bought the house for $80,000. They soon started feeling paranormal things in the house and left the house. MGM’s original show is based on the same story.

Now coming to the questions, who owns the house now, and is it still haunted?

The house was bought by an unknown man in 2017 for $605,000 against the listed price of $850,000. The name and real location of the house are now hidden and not available in the public domain to maintain the privacy of the house. The house was in the news for so long and became a tourist attraction, leading to many visitors. To prevent this, the owners of the house decided to remove it from Google Maps and also changed the name and address of the house.

As of 2023, there is no such thing happening in the house, and the owners are living peacefully. The house has been resold several times since the 1975 incident, which we will discuss in a different post.



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