The Lutz family gained a lot of attention after the Amityville Horror incidents that occurred in 1975. The couple received many offers from filmmakers and TV show creators to tell their stories. Several movies and shows were also made about them, and the latest MGM+ Original series is based on the same house and couple.

Here we will tell you about Kathy Lutz, her cause of death, and some more details.

To get straight to the topic, Kathy was born in the United States in 1946. She married George in 1975, and in December of the same year, they bought the house and moved in. As most of you already know, they left the house after just 28 days, claiming to be attacked by supernatural entities.

Various studies and research suggest that most of Kathy’s claims were her imagination, and she was doing this to gain fame and be in the news. Kathy’s statements were later countered by her daughter, Missy.

Kathy died in 2004 of emphysema. As per various online records, she is believed to have a Net worth of around 5 Million Dollars. There is no data available about her First Marriage and First Husband on Internet.

Kathy Lutz - IMDb


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