Mercy In “Expats” Actress Name: Amazon Prime Video presents a six-episodic American drama series ” Expats” is currently streaming now in Prime Video with Hindi and English audio along with subtitles. The Mercy is very much crucial throughout the series. As per the request of the viewers we are gonna discuss who played the character of Mercy & also we will explain her character.

Before we start our discussion let’s have a quick knowledge of the story of this series. The series tells us about the lifestyle of the people of Hong Kong where we saw a mother who lost her own child, and now we are gonna see how her life gonna be changed.

The character of ” Mercy ” is played by Ji-young Yoo. She is a 22-year-old South Korean actress. Some of her movies are ” smoking tigers”(2023), “The sky is everywhere”(2022), “Moxie”(2021) etc .

Mercy is a Japanese girl who come to Hong Kong to find a job & leading her lifestyle. She usually hate to be with anyone. First, she makes new friends & then tries to get away from them. The reason is she called herself as a ” Cursed” . That’s why she used to maintain distance from anyone.

But Mercy wants to earn more money & also wants to lead a beautiful life. While in a trip in a cruise, she met a little boy. Later she learned the name of that boy is ” Gus”. Margaret also net with Mercy. they all became too close within a little period of time . It’s good to see that Mercy also started to be happy with them. Margaret sometimes also meets with her in the restaurant.

One day after dinner they went to the night market to do shopping. Margaret was with her daughter & Mercy was taking care of Gus & another son of Margaret. Right that moment, Mercy was busy with her phone and didn’t notice that young Gus was already absent. That is how Mercy lost the little boy Gus & after that, her life changed too much.

Right after that incident, she met with David. David started to giving her company too. They became close & started to sleep with each other. That how Mercy made an affair relationship with David. Later we see that she became pregnant too.

She met with lots of friends started to be with them & then tried to vanish. That’s how she met with Charly in a metro station. They started to met each other & became more close friends. In the last episode, they went in a pool & kissed each other. That how the ” Mercy” character is too much complicated.

Thats all about Mercy. If you have any more questions feel free to ask in the comment section.


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