House of Ninjas Review: Netflix is back with another Japanese series after the success of Alice in Borderland and this series is named House of Ninjas and is an action-adventure thriller drama series that consists of a total of eight episodes and is now streaming on Netflix which is created by Kento Kaku with the direction of Dave Boyle and is follows the story around the Tawara family and there to be a ninja family.

In this article, I am going to cover the details of which show is this show worth watching or not along with covers that what the plot of this show and the performance, action, and more including all the details that clear your thoughts about watching this show which I cover in this article.

The plot of this show moves around the Taware Family who is considered a legendary ninja family and we are introduced to their family including Souuchi who is the main leader of the family and his wife Yoki and their children where due to one mission they decided to leave the ninja world and leave as a normal person life but one day something happened and they again enter in the world of ninja which we see in this show.

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The show opens with an intense fight scene between a group of ninjas that scene is something that hooks to watch the rest of the episode stuff as this shot was well choreographed and makes it more engaging. Later, we find out about Team Green where they kidnapped a person who is under the government’s rule and is being arrested.

The cast of this show is perfect and suited to their roles whereas the character they play for the family in the Taware that they feel like they are real relatives to each other which is interesting and makes us more connected to the characters by their performance and the series gives proper time for the introduction of each character which makes us emotional connect with them so that we can feel their roles.

The action sequence of this show is perfectly executed and the chronograph of this scene is perfect along with the camera angle shots which makes us feel like the scene is one good take but the music of this show feels outdated and sometimes there is music that does not even shoot with the scene which is bad impact while watching this show.

As the story of this show moves it feels boring in the middle episode even I feel that episode 6 feels a little dragged which makes me take a break while watching the show which is a big con of this show but the ending satisfied me in normal ways which is expected but nothing new and only the action shots make me more excited whereas the direction of this show is perfect but the screenplay is not upto marks.

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A tempting series that lacks a comedy scene but engaging action with slow narration in the middle of this show. If you like slow shows but want to watch well-choreographed action then this show is perfect for you and you must try this and I tell you that you must enjoy it.

This is an depth review of this show which will clear your doubts about plans to watch this show, whereas this show is now streaming on Netflix in English, Hindi, and Japanese language.



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