The latest Amazon Prime series is a story about an evil couple who murdered 5 innocent children first before harassing them sexually, this incident haunt people in Britain for many years, the two couples who got lifetime punishment in prison are dead now but people also got so scared after listening about this incident.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about Maureen who is the sister of Myra so let’s get started.

Maureen is the younger sister of Myra but as their father used to abuse them Myra moved to her grandfather and Maureen moved with her mother to Manchester, she later got married to David Smith who also got to witness a murder by her sister Myra and soon after the incident he divorced her.

She had three children with him after the case she got so much hate from the people who threatened him and one day she also got attacked by them in the lift after the divorce, Smith was able to win custody of all three children and later she married to Bill Scott and had a child with him, and after that, they lived together after that until her death on 3 October 1980 due to brain hemorrhage.

Unfortunately, there is no info about her daughter where she is living or whether is she even alive or dead.



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