XO Kitty Season 1 Ending Explained: Will Dae kill his close friend Min-Ho? And what is going to happen after Yuri knows Alex is her brother? As we are discussing episode-wise, let’s find out about this episode.

Dae went to fight with Min-Ho, but Kitty comes up and said it’s not Min-Ho whom she has feelings for. The friendship between Dae and Min-Ho is already broken. Finally, Kitty stated that it’s Yuri whom she loves, someone she has strange feelings for. Kitty is in a state of confusion but unable to clear it. Lee finally knows that Alex is his own son.

After knowing everything, Lee wants to talk and discuss everything with everyone. Kitty went home and called her father. Kitty also shared with her father that she loves a girl. Her father wants to comfort her. She also said that she was unable to achieve good results there; in fact, she found out everything about her mom.

Now, she wants to leave there. She also asked Q about her confusion regarding Dae and Yuri. Q also talks about Florian’s problems. Kitty says that if he cheats in exams, he can cheat in real life too. Things went well because of Yuri and her mother. Also, Principal Lim accepted the relationship between Juliana and Yuri. On the other side, results are declared, and Florian is the topper.

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Kitty also reached there and found that she passed, but she forgot that she is in the boys’ hostel. But after this, the faculty wants to expel Kitty. In front of everyone, she confessed and gave her speech.

She talked about her mother and also said that K.I.S.S changed her life. Finally, Kitty is going to leave, where Min-Ho has strong feelings for her. Later, Principal Lim talked with her and gave her a letter that Kitty’s mom sent her when she was in America, but Lim didn’t reply. Dae also lost his room and scholarship because he got second place. Dae is happy because she passed, but Kitty has already left. Before leaving, she left her mom’s necklace and a letter that says “This is yours” to Dae.

Dae went to the airport to meet her. Seeing her, Kitty hugged her tightly and said she is happy with their relationship. Also, Dae is her perfect and first boyfriend. Also, Dae confessed that Kitty will always be his first love. Later, Yuri comes there, and while Kitty wants to express her feelings, Juliana comes up.

Later, Kitty read her mother’s letter. She confessed she learned many things in K.I.S.S, made new friends, and became mature because of Simon. In the plan, Min-Ho sat beside Kitty because he wants to go to LA to meet her mom. Also, he thinks Kitty wants a companion for this journey. Kitty confessed she broke up with Dae. Min-Ho later confessed that he began to love her too.

This is how “XO Kitty” ends. It’s an emotional rollercoaster with comedy too. At the end of her mother’s letter, Kitty finds the name “Simon.” Who is this guy? Also, Min-Ho expressed his love, but Kitty loves Yuri. So what is going to happen?

These answers might be cleared in the next season, so let’s wait for it. Till then, watch “XO Kitty” streaming now on Netflix.



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