Matthew Hardy Stalker: Netflix’s original web series ‘Can I Tell You a Secret?’ is now streaming on Netflix in English and other dubbed versions. The show is a crime documentary series based on an Internet Stalker named ‘Matthew Hardy’. There are two episodes in the show and the whole series revolves around ‘Matthew Hardy’ and his victims.

Here we are going to tell you about the current situation of Matthew and where he is now. We will also try to tell you about the names of his victims and some other information about the case.

In the two episodic series, we get to see that there are three main Victims of Matthew Hardy. All three of them are models and they mainly work with advertisement agencies and photographers. Matthew Hardy used to Pose as them on social media and he used to message their family members, Bosses, boyfriends, and friends. He also keeps on messaging the victims and he keeps threatening them.

Zoe Jade Hallam, Lia Marie Hambly, and Abby Furness are the three main victims shown in the show and they were the main targets of Matthew. A police officer named Kevin starts an investigation into the case and after a clue he finally manages to get Matthew Hardy.

On 26th January 2022, Matthew was sentenced to 9 Years of Imprisonment, with a minimum of 4.5 Years behind bars. Later in October 2022, his sentence was reduced to 8 Years. As of now, He is locked in the UK jail and he will be there for a minimum till 2026. He may get out on Parole after that.

As per the show, Matthew Hardy was Habitual stalked and he was also given the Jail back in 2008. His school friends and classmates also refer to him as suspicious and they claim that he has been like that since his school days.

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This was all about ‘Matthew Hardy’ From the Netflix show ‘Can I Tell You a Secret’. Drop you thoughts about the case and series in the comments.



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