Monsieur Spade Season 2 Release Date: AMC released its six episodic mini-crime drama series set in Bezouls, France. The story revolves around Samuel Spade, which is a popular character from Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 novel The Maltese Falcon. At his retirement time, Samuel goes to Bezouls to deliver the daughter of his friend to her father.

When he reaches and speaks with people he gets to know that Phillipe her father is not the guy he thought he was.

The story happens in Bezouls. Samuel came there to deliver Teressa to her father, but it didn’t go well. He settles there and later he marries Gabrielle. Gabrielle put Teressa in a convent there and kept checking on her. As time passes Gabrielle dies and Samuel gets disease and quits smoking. Phillipe tries to get affection with his daughter at convents so that he can get his hands on the trust money she gets when he get mature.

A mass murder happens at the convent revolving around a kid, agents and bad people try to get the kid which leads to betrayal and fights among them. More mysteries start to evolve around Samuel and get with knowing or not getting involved in all these matters.

The truths about Zayid got revealed in last episodes. Phillipe also got locked up by the police for his doings. Jean Pierre got killed by Phillipe. Teressa also thinks Phillipe was not his father but Samuel. Same way Samuel also thinks he might be her father.

The ending was satisfying in every ways. Zayid got in good hands, and Teressa got back to Samuel and Phillipe in jail. The story now is concluded properly but it ended in a way that we can expect something more.

Currently, there is no news about season 2. The series was released as a mini-series with just six episodes, so the chances of season 2 depend on their viewership and demand. But there are situations where new seasons came before for mini-series too, so we can’t predict anything as of now. Let’s see how the demand increases and make the creators to think for another season.

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