John Egan Bucky In ‘Masters Of The Air’: Appletv presents a historic war action drama with the popular creator John Orloff who did the epic Band of Brothers series with executive producers Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks. The story tells about the air war done by Americans against Nazis during World War II.

Major John Clarence Egan aka Bucky is a real-life character who was the pillar “Bloody 100th” bombing group. Egan served as commander in the 418th squadron and Air Exec for the 100th. He is a very good pilot and leader.

John Egan is played by Callum Turner is British actor who played in many series and movies. Started his career as a model then shifted to his career to acting. His notable works are in The Only Living Boy in New York and Capture.

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Egan is a strict but cool commander. He is very friendly with other soliders. Egan see Buck as him close friend. Egan care for Buck throughout life army life. As a pilot and commander, Egan tried his best to finish the missions. His friendship with Gale has made a best teamwork in bombing group. They are strong with their bond with each other. He worked most time along with Gale. They fought in many missions. John Egan got many awards, achievements and appreciations in his life for his hard work.

Egan heard the news that on a raid to Bremen, his friend Gale got shot up in the air and captured. It was very touching for him to hear the news. Egan took on his next mission to revenge for Gale but got shot and captured to prison.

When he went to prison camp he met Gale again after some time. Throughout the series and in real it’s all the bonding between Egan and Gale. In a heart attack, John Egan died at the age of 45 in 1961. And he got buried at the Arlington National Cemetery with military honors.

John C. Egan, The Heroic Major Of WW2's 'Bloody 100th' Bomb Group

That’s all about the character of John Egan. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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