Detective Matt Mustard Vallejo Gone Girl Case Aaron and Denise: Netflix’s newly released docuseries titled ‘American Nightmare’ is making a buzz all over the globe. The audience is shocked by the story of the couple Aaron and Denise. They were the victims but, as per the newly released docuseries, they were made accused in the case, and the police started interrogating them instead of looking for the kidnapper. The head of the investigation was Detective Matt Mustard.

He faced lots of criticism after the case, and now many of our readers want to know about him. What happened to him, and where is he now? Here we are going to tell you everything about the case and what the police did to the victims as shown in the show.

The incidents start back in 2016 when 29-year-old Denise got kidnapped from her boyfriend Aaron’s house in the midnight. Aaron doesn’t remember anything as he was given some liquid by the kidnappers. The next day, Aaron calls 911, and instead of looking for kidnappers, the police start interrogating Aaron, suspecting that it was Aaron who is behind all this and he has killed Denise.

48 hours later, Denise returns back home, and there she tells a horrifying story about rape and kidnapping. No one believed her, and everyone thought that she is faking it. Head of Investigation Matt Mustard even asks the questions related to the character of Denise from her mother, and throughout the case, it looks like Mustard was just trying to frame Denise and Aaron.

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Police start making a case on the couple for wasting police time and making a hoax kidnapping case. But weeks later, the kidnapper Matthew Muller was arrested by the police of some other state, and there he revealed that Denise was right about her kidnapping, and her kidnapping was not a hoax. Even after that, the police never said sorry to the couple. Denise and Aaron sue the police, and later they settle it out of the court for 2.5 million dollars.

Aaron and Denise Now - Are They Still Together? Where Are They Now? | 'American Nightmare'
Denise and Aaron

Now many of you may be wondering what has happened to Matt Mustard. Did he face any charges or investigation? The answer is sadly no. Matt Mustard didn’t face any charges, and no investigation was done on him. As per the statements and affidavits, the police didn’t trace the phone call deliberately, the medical reports were also edited, and the lie detector test was also tampered with.

Now the question is what happened to Mustard? The answer is NOTHING. He is still in the police. The last time he was in the news was when he was made President of the Vallejo Police Officers Association in 2017, and he was also given an award. As per the report in the online portal VallejoSun, he was also accused of changing his exam pattern to get the promotion.

This was all about the ‘Detective Mustard From Vallejo Police Department. Do you have any questions related to him or the show? Please let us know in the comments.

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