Indian Police Force Episode 4 : The show is getting repetitive and some moments were not needed at all. The BGM is the only thing that is holding me for the show. Sidharth is doing great and he fits perfectly in the role. The rest of the things look pretty average. Here goes episode 4 Recap, Summary, and ending Explanation.

Episode 4 is titled “The Ghost Is Back,” and it starts with a flashback where we get to see Rashmi, Kabir, Vikram, and Shruti, and now the story jumps to the present again.

The story again jumps to Jaipur, and we get to see that Zarar is in Jaipur, and he gets a call from Rafeeq. Rafique assigns him another task. Rafeeq also tells Zarar not to talk with Nafessa as she may distract him.

Nafeesa calls Zarar and tells him that she is ready to marry him. At night, we get to see that Jaipur got shaken with serial blasts, and it was done by Zarar, of course. Kabir heads to Jaipur, and there he meets his friend Rakesh, who is already in Jaipur Police. Rakesh and Kabir start the investigation of the case, but Kabir starts the investigation unofficially.

Kabir submits his report of the investigation to the Head of SIT and asks him to work on the case officially to prevent future blasts. Rafiq calls Zarar, and he tells that his next target is Goa, and he needs to plan that well too. The story now jumps to another frame where we get to see that the Home Ministry forms an SIT to tackle the terrorists, and Tara Shetty is appointed as the head of SIT.

Zarar and Sikku land in GOA, and there they meet two new guys, Imran and Soheb. Zarar starts planning for a new blast, and Soheb and Imran go to the market to get some nails and equipment for bomb-making. On the other hand, we get to see that SIT gets footage of Sikku, and Kabir, Tara, and their team leave for GOA.

Kabir and Tara reach Goa, and there they go to the hideout place of a local goon named Goldie. Goldie’s men attack the SIT team, and after a tough fight, Kabir manages to get Goldie. Kabir now has an idea that the next place of attack is going to be Goa, and episode 4 ends here.

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